Bike Vs. Train

The Silverdale Bike Project on the Regent’s Park Estate in Camden has taught hundreds of young people how to fix their bikes. Some have even gone on to form their own bike company. But it is set to be demolished as part of the plans for HS2.

This bike project is a prime example of how much is set to be destroyed by HS2 in Camden. It occupies a tiny piece of land – a small community hall the council has given it access to once a week. Yet despite its small size, it has given skills and enjoyment to hundreds of kids from the local area, inspiring some of them to go on to form their own business.

If HS2 is going ahead then it is not right that it should go ahead demolishing so much of the Regent’s Park Estate without being forced to rebuild equally good housing and services for those affected. HS2 Ltd is going to get away with doing the absolute minimum, reducing to quality of council housing and services in Camden.

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