Argy Bargy on the Regent’s Canal

The first piece I did for Camden Community Radio. I came up for the idea of it when the station manager told me to sit down and come up with an idea.

It was my first week at the station and I knew close to absolutely nothing about the borough. I knew that I loved the canal though because I had been cycling to work along it since recently moving to Camden and London. On my bike in that amazing other world of the metropolis, I fell in love with London (just a little).

A quick google lead me to this article in the Evening Standard. I suggested that I could cover the story for how it affects Camden. The station manager said, ‘great, so who are you going to talk to? You need to talk to the canal boaters, and the London Assembly members.’

I got very excited and proceeded to develop a keen interest in canal boats. I read the book Narrow Margins.

I got in touch with London Assembly member Jenny Jones and arranged a phone interview. I rushed home from work one Friday afternoon to talk to her not once but twice because the first time I forgot to press record.

I spoke to Ian Shacklock, friend of Regent’s Canal and even plucked up the courage to stop some boaters and interview them on the spur of the moment.

The process of making it was a lot more fun than the finished piece.

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