The Foodloop Project

This is the story of an amazing project of the Maiden Lane Estate which turns waste food collected from across the estate into compost.

I first encountered the foodloop project while I was sitting behind a stall for Camden Community Radio at a summer fete. For hours, no one approached me and in the ensuing peace and quiet I had time to pay attention to the stall right beside me. It was mobbed by people buying tomato plants and compost. This was the Foodloop group and the compost they were selling was the end product of their project. One of the ladies on the stall was Clare Brass, who set up the group and she invited me to come and join in one of their rubbish collection rounds. Spending a couple of hours collecting rubbish, chucking it into a huge War-of-the-Worlds style machine, and then sinking my hands into fresh compost was as much fun as it sounds!

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